Friday, April 3, 2009

Serena Williams saves WTA

Serena Williams
Serena beat Venus to save her number one ranking from going to Safina and advances to the final in Miami where she gets to chance to prove to all her doubters that Vika Azarenka merely got a jump on her at the Australian Open and isn’t seriously a challenge. Serena looked sluggish today and called a trainer but still gutted it out to leave the series with big sis at 10 all. Safina fans will no doubt blame Richard.

Seriously the extra pressure and (negative?) hype that would have surrounded Safina if she ascended to the WTA top spot and had to defend it in every Media Conference until she finally succumbs to the inevitable drop, would have been suffocating. She’s already having trouble just maintaining composure at the moment. Imagine if it ramped up to number one level.

Andy Murray thrashed Fernando Verdasco and blew any chance I had of winning the ATP Bracket Challenge. Thanks Nando. Fed vs the Djoker and Murray vs Del-Po. Who's the new favorite from this lot? (Answer Fed, unless he's faces Murray in the final.)

Boys come, boys go.

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