Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It’s the pink shirt obviously!

Rafael Nadal - 2009 French OpenFed tried his best to lose but just couldn’t manage it, let’s write up Haas as a chronic underachiever whose legendary ability to underperform is usually ascribed to injuries. Is Fed still the favourite or do we have to factor in Del Potro, Monfils or even the supposed long-shot Murray? Can Monfils’ knees really go the distance?

Clearly Rafa’s loss was due solely to the colour of his attire. The pink shirt. Any other explanation defies explanation. On no planet does the Swedish journeyman (and most hated man in the locker room – before he beat Rafa) beat Nadal on clay. It must be the shirt which was probably cursed by some deranged Federer fan (or Borg fan?). Luckily he’ll have to wear white for The Championships.

In the women’s Serena shut up and won, Radwanska complained and lost and one of Stosur or Cirstea will be in a semi-final. This is looking more and more like a Williams / Safina final. Although if Azarenka can get past Safina she might win it all.

Rafa blogs about the curse of the pink shirt and playing doubles with Fed... http://timesonline.typepad.com/rafael_nadal/

Uncle Toni calls the French crowd stupid.

Did Serena really say “I’m going to get you in the locker room for that; you don’t know me,” to the girl she hit who lied to claim the point.

Video: Monfils' Amazing Point

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