Monday, June 1, 2009

Rafa is human

Rafael Nadal - French Open Nadal lost his mojo, Djokovic lost his strength, Dementieva lost her fitness, Ivanovic just lost it. New champions abound and it’s hard not to see them named Federer and Safina. Still perhaps the surprises thrown up by this most arduous of Majors haven’t finished yet and there is still the lurking presence of both a cow on ice and a Williams sister.

Seriously how does Nadal lose to Soderling? He thrashed him just recently on clay. Did he take him too lightly? Impossible, this is Rafa who prepares for each match the same. Who knows. You can understand Ivanovic losing, it was always going to happen and Djokovic is always prepared to chuck in the towel but Rafa? Perhaps he is human after all.

Rafa blogs about drug testing but not yet about Swedish journeymen...

Up close and personal with Nikolay Davydenko

Video: Ana Ivanovic talks about losing

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