Friday, July 3, 2009

Serena breaks Elena’s heart (again)

Serena Williams
Elena the (almost) Great Dementieva showed why she’ll never win a Major and why she deserves to. And still she believes. Poor girl.

Serena Williams blamed her forehand for taking a holiday which is her usual way of not acknowledging that anyone else was capable of playing at the same level as her (Venus excepting), but surely Dementieva at her best is up there with the best in the world and a great example of why women’s tennis works.

Unfortunately Dinara Safina was there to argue the case why women’s tennis doesn’t work. The world number one was supremely outclassed by Venus Williams and this will be portrayed exclusively in the negative overtones it deserves. Poor Safina. If she had lost early like Jankovic or Ivanovic no one would be surprised. It’s not her surface and she’s never done well here, and this is the only surface that Venus likes. Quelle surprise.

But the new and improved Dinara can’t take an early dive, she’s a fighter now and can survive the early challenges through pure strength of will and forge her way through. And so she progresses to the Semis and is destroyed by a rampant Venus. All her anxieties and memories of big matches past come bubbling to the surface and she flails and flourishes ineffectively and falls, helpless against Venus’ might. But at least she didn’t have a match point like Elena...

Some men’s Semi’s tonight – Fed to beat Haas (again) in four and Murray to wear down (the should be exhausted) Roddick in a handful. The curse of playing Hewitt in a Major. And we’d like Tommy Haas to do well, really we would, but Federer’s date is with history and he’s not going to stop for a little speed-bump like Tommy on the way. He has to disappoint all those Brit fans yet.

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