Sunday, September 13, 2009

It’s all Serena!

Serena Williams US Open Day 13Kim Clijsters and Caroline Wozniacki made the final today but you wouldn’t know it as everyone is talking about Serena. And that’s just the way she likes it. All this oooh-ahhing over some cute American kid who’s not even in the top 50 and who’s paying attention to Serena? Not enough people that’s who. Time to get the spotlight back firmly on Serena and if she has to smash her racquet and threaten some line judge well it’s a small price to pay. No matter that Clijsters was the better player and the match was all but over by the time of l’affaire foot-fault, this will nicely overshadow Clijsters' magnificent comeback achievement and whoever the other girl is. In a way it’s even better then winning – anyone can do that. Only Serena Williams can ignite and divide sensibilities like this.

The other girl and the other Belgian had to play on the other court before a crowd of precisely 5 people and their parents. To be fair neither of them smashed a racquet or threatened to “take this … ball and shove it down your … throat,” and refused to apologise afterwards. So it’s understandable that no-one cared about their match. Wozniacki cried a little at the end but that’s hardly as dramatic as wanting to kill someone. Maybe they’ll try harder next year.

Oh and Rafa won the first of the three matches he’ll probably play in the next three days. Don’t tell Federer but he may have to beat Nadal to win the title after all, in which case he won’t. Beware the wounded bull…

Video: Serena loses it


tennischick said...

I don't think Serena would want to lose any match just so she can be the center of attention. I respectfully disagree with you on this.

KickServer said...

I don't believe Serena would want to lose any match and definately not at a Major, I was just musing that she always manages to refocus attention on herself even if it's not a conscious effort of her part.


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