Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Juan Martin Del Potro beat Roger Federer

Juan Martin Del Potro - US Open Day 15Juan Martin del Potro hit the big time with a bang today. He out-toughed the Fed machine and held on to win everything. And he didn’t even need to hit the ball between his legs. Has Greatest of all time (but not greatest in his time) Federer got a new nemesis to add to his growing list?

The Mighty Fed choked, (almost) did a Serena at the umpire (Don’t tell me to be quiet, Ok? When I want to talk, I talk.”), swore, double-faulted, got upset at Hawkeye and generally acted most un-Federer like. Maybe he is getting up to feed babies at 2am? Can we blame the loss on Mirka since we can’t blame Nadal or Murray for a change?

Del Potro has looked a great player for some time now without actually putting up the numbers. He had a great streak last year when everyone except Roddick was off at the Olympics and played a huge Davis Cup semi before going missing in the final. But at 20 he’s maturing nicely and even acknowledged he can improve.

Roger Federer - US Open Day 15“When I would have a dream, it was to win the U.S. Open, and the other one is to be like Roger. One is done,” he said after the match. Then, to Federer he added: “I need to improve a lot to be like you. I’d like to congratulate you for fighting ‘til the last point.”

Ahh a humble giant. Can we ask some rockstars to sit in his box next year? And let him speak in Spanish to his fans?

Meanwhile Serena apologised for no reason at all.

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