Monday, September 14, 2009

Kim Clijsters wins the US Open (again)

Kim Clijsters - US Open Day 14So Kim took a couple of years off, had a kid, allowed her injuries to heal and then came back to take care of some unfinished business and we all wondered why. Sure nemesis Henin was gone along with Hingis and Davenport but surely the new crop of ball bashers would mean that the game had passed her by and the Williams sisters would remain too tough for her.

Scrap all that. Clijsters dealt with both the new brigade and both the Williams sisters and maybe showed a bit of extra toughness she didn’t have before. So she’s doubled her Major count and has to be a threat for more, whether she plays a full schedule or not. So that’s about as successful a comeback as you can get. Now if we can only persuade Henin and Myskina to return as well...

It would be nice to say something positive about the Woz too; after all she hung in there, won four games on the trot, served for the first set and was not at all disgraced. It’s just that winners are so much more interesting. Come back when you’ve won a Major or beaten a Williams sister, Caro.

Roger Federer hits a winning shot between his legs and calls it the best shot of his lifeDel Potro’s a winner. He buried Rafa and heads to the final with a stack of momentum. We now know that Rafa’s all beat up and torn but he fronted up and Del Potro buried him. But this should be Federer’s. With no nemesis Nadal to torment him, Roger isn’t going to let a (giant) little thing like Del Potro stand in the way of immortality. Besides he can hit the ball between his legs. Apparently this is important in Major tournaments. Del Potro probably deserves to win since he has received approximately zero headlines for his excellent progress but nice guys don’t win in New York (unless they’re called Kim). Fed in four.

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