Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doha preview - Serena or Venus to win all?

Serena and Venus WilliamsSo the Doha fun starts tonight. Last year’s winner Bepa is sulking on the sidelines, Jankovic just scrapped in and will be just making up the numbers again. All eyes will be on the noobs Vika and the Woz to see if they can do anything but as usual this is the Williams’ to lose. If either of them (particularly Serena as Venus has been in a little slump anytime she’s away from Wimbledon) are interested enough to play then the championship is theirs. Assuming that’s not the case then it’s probably Kuznetsova’s year and look for Dementieva to slide under the radar pick up one bruising win and then choke when everything’s hers to win. Oh, Safina’s playing too if anyone cares.

Let’s guess that Wozniacki and Azarenka qualify from the easy (white) group and Serena and Kuznetsova make it through from the (maroon) group of death. And the rest is a lottery.

Radwanska the Outspoken (Aga) will have surgery to her ring finger after Doha where she’s required to sit on the sidelines and pout like last year and will probably win a match or two after the usual injury pullouts. She should be right for Melbourne.

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