Friday, October 9, 2009

The Marat Safin of old

Marat Safin Safin destroyed Gonzalez in Beijing and looked, well, like Safin. Can we persuade him to do a Henin next year? Nadal went wander against Blake but recovered to win and Soderling beat Robredo.

Tsonga came back to beat Gasquet, Simon’s out, rich boy Ernie’s still there, Hewitt pushed Santoro out the door and Berdych beat Beck.

Serena lost to Petrova, Zhang lived down to expectations, Radwanska the Greater was down a set and 0-4 to Martínez Sánchez before deciding to win anyway and Vera Z – towel over head and all – managed a tempestuous win over an unhappy Flavia the Indomitable as payback for her US Open meltdown. Can these two please play every tournament?

Molik beat Rogowska at the Mt Gambier 25K. But Jones beat Bobuscic and looks strong. Holland and Wejnert managed to join the inevitable Aussie exit. Golds is still on track for a semi spot.

Serena full of grace. “I ran into a girl today that has never played so good in her whole life so I don't know... I honestly don't know what was going on then. I know I was grunting and fighting.”

Mad Damir Dokic update:
Jelena’s father is now on a hunger strike in prison.

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