Monday, October 12, 2009

Novak Djokovic won Beijing

2009 China Open - Day 10

Cilic blew a great chance and the experienced Djokovic took full advantage of the rain delay to win Beijing. Cilic will be back though. He’s the hottest upcoming player on the tour but he won’t be sneaking under any more radars after annihilating Nadal in the semis. Meanwhile the Djoker refused to do any more impersonations that the Chinese politely requested. He’s a grown boy now and is a little embarrassed by all the attention-seeking stunts he used to do. Wait till he drops out of the top ten and ask him then.

Tsonga beat Youzhny in the who cares Tokyo final. Good for him though.

Svetlana the Basher destroyed the very credible Radwanska the Greater in a beautiful exhibition of power hitting to win a nice cheque and quite happily admitted it was good to get paid more than the men – twice as much in fact.

Jones beat Molik again at the Mt Gambier 25K. Now they do it all again at Port Pirie.

Dokic, Zahlavova, Halep and Rus are playing at the 50K in Joue-Les-Tours, France. Dokic plays Halep first up.

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