Monday, November 30, 2009

The Great Davydenko

ATP World Tour Finals - Day Eight
The Great Davydenko went one step better than last year in London and won big. Poor Del Potro didn’t know if he made it out of the round robin stage then nobody cared about his semi-final with some guy who beats Nadal. Then he loses to Davydenko – the most boring playing in the top ten. Poor Del Potro.

Davydenko might be the most boring playing in the top hundred ten but he’s playing consistent tennis and hanging tough while those around him lose their head – or something like that. Will finally score some fans now? Hmm, no.

Molik beat Rogowska to win Kalgoorlie, Bendigo next. Halep, Zahlavova, Piter and the Kichenoks are playing the 25K Prerov and Brie Whitehead lost first round of qualifying for 10K Poza Rica. She did win four games though, which is three more than last week. Brie’s hopefully playing 10Ks in Xalapa and Veracruz the next two weeks, both in Mexico.

Video: Ana Ivanovic doing promo stuff

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