Friday, November 13, 2009

Marat Safin retires, Federer, Davydenko and Verdasco lose for Marat’s sake

safin and federer
The gaping hole left by possibly the most charismatic person to swing a tennis racquet became apparent today when the “Greatest Player of all Time” Roger Somethingoranother lost and no one noticed cause they were too teary at Marat Safin’s passing. Some other guys who may or may not make it to the end of year schmaltz lost too. Big deal - Marat wasn’t playing that either.

Meanwhile Nadal played down his London expectations by underwhelming all in his victory over poor Tommy Robredo. Wannabe superstar Andy Murray lost too and the great Gonzo decided two sets was all he was playing no matter the score. That’s the attitude that gets you into the end of year classic (or not). After all it is the time of year when most have stopped caring about tennis – assuming they ever did. Don’t tell the folks in London though, they still think next week’s tournament is important. Seriously they should have given Marat a wildcard if they wanted us to care.

Video: ATP tribute to Safin

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