Monday, December 14, 2009

Anastasia Myskina photoshoot

Anastasia MyskinaAnastasia Myskina may be gone but she refuses to go away. The 2004 French Open champ, who retired in 2007 after her mother's illness and a subsequent lack of motivation, still dances around the edges of stardom with typical cheeky behaviour.

Last year she had a baby boy (called Zhenya), was seen kissing a woman in public and did some tennis reporting. No real signs of a comeback though, in this age of comebacks. Anastasia MyskinaShe still likes the limelight though... then again she always did.

In October 2002, Myskina had some photos taken for GQ magazine, in which one approved photo of her fully clothed was published. After she won the French Open in 2004, some topless photographs from the shoot were published in the July/August 2004 issue of the Russian magazine Medved (Bear). In August 2004, she filed an $8 million lawsuit against the GQ for allowing her topless photographs to appear in the Russian magazine without her consent. In June 2005, the US District Court ruled that Myskina could not stop the distribution of the topless photos, because she had signed a release although Myskina had claimed that she did not understand the photo release form and that she was not fluent in English at the time.

Anastasia MyskinaIt's worth noting that while she was playing she was the Queen (Tzarina?) of the Russians, totally dominating all the others. She had a winning record with every other Russian player including 3–2 vs. Maria Sharapova, 3–2 against Nadia Petrova. 9–6 vs. Elena Dementieva, 3–1 vs. Zvonareva, 5–3 vs. Likhovtseva, 1–0 vs. Kournikova, and 4–2 vs. Kuznetsova. She was tied 1–1 with Anna Chakvetadze. There hasn't been a Russian like her since.

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