Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alicia Molik gets a reality check

Alicia Molik Australia experienced a sporting reality check when Alicia Molik, who Australian sportswriters had been somewhat surprisingly expecting to do well against Kim Clijsters, received the thrashing she was always going to get. Molik after all has been playing 25Ks in Australia and Clijsters recently won the US Open. The class gap was evident as Molik lost the first eight games which means she dropped serve four times. Since her whole game is based around her huge serve this shows exactly how far she has to go to return to what is usually described as her best. For Australians this mean the top ten where she briefly perched a few years ago, but realistically it means back to the top 50 at best, where she was a fixture for most of her career. Clijsters looks very good though, but we’ll have to wait until she plays a better player to see precisely how good.

Hantuchova thrashed Szavay, Ivanovic struggled against Bascinszky and Petkovic outlasted a gallant King. Bernard “Problem Dad” Tomic was more interested in continuing his feud with Hewitt off court than his short time on court losing to a qualifier. Luckily Ebden and Ball saved the day for the Aussies while their more glamorous compatriots Tomic and Molik faltered. It’s all Hewitt’s fault if course – he doesn’t understand the Croatian mentality.

Federer and Nadal play on a magic carpetBlake stood his ground against Hurricane Querrey and waited for it to blow over, Baghdatis got his first win in three months against Fish, Monfils advanced in three and Roddick and Brooklyn got to cuddle koalas.

Davydenko thrashed poor Kukushkin in Doha to show Federer and Nadal they're not the only ones who can hand out a beating. At least he didn't have to play on the magic carpet.

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