Sunday, January 31, 2010

Serena takes 12

Serena Williams and Justine HeninYes, we are still looking at her titles. Serena Williams beat the unseeded and unranked favourite Justine Henin and win yet another Australian Open title. Henin still won’t have a ranking until she finishes another tournament when she will rocket to about 30 in the world and then continue upwards. At this form will retake the number one spot from Serena as Serena is unlikely to play as many tournaments as her which is what the rankings are based on. But at the moment it’s all Serena. She came back against Henin and broke the every-second-year hoodoo. It’s nice when the number one player can actually be the best player in the world.

Fed vs the Scot Brit. Some people think this will be close but deep down inside Andy Murray knows that the only title worth winning is in London and named after one of its suburbs. He’ll try hard, hit some interesting shots, pull some faces and do his fans proud but at the end they’ll be presenting the trophy to that lovely Swiss chap who manages to perform the impossible and make it all look casual. TMF.

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