Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ana Ivanovic in some mag

Ana Ivanovic SI
Petkovic back among the winners in Paris, Sprem is on fire, Garbin ended Olaru’s run, Schiavone double bageled Manasieva and when did Oudin get so good again?

Shvedova won in Pattaya, Jones lost, Zvonareva earned her appearance fee, Tammy won and Sesil is still playing for some reason.

Ana Ivanovic SIAna Ivanovic has all her priorities in life sorted out now. Back to proper coach Sven, hunky new man Adam Scott, lifetime supply of Adidas gear and dough, newly refreshed website and now a hot photo shoot for some sports magazine’s swimsuit issue. Anything missing? Oh yeah, ability to win tennis tournaments. I’m sure she can do without it... Anna Kournikova survived so well without winning much. Oh wait, no, she retired and now only does exhibitions and cheesy photo shoots. Maybe Ana is already thinking of like after tennis...

Obligatory Video of shoot

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