Monday, February 15, 2010

Verdasco breaks through

Fernando Verdasco wins the SAP Open in San Jose, California
Verdasco broke through to beat Roddick and the title in San Jose. Is Verdasco now the real deal or was it a Roddick off day? Let’s give the V man the benefit of the doubt although Roddick continued his Aussie Open habit of lambasting officials over bad calls – even when he’s proved to be wrong. “Make them all machines! All of them! Automated scorekeeper,” he screamed as he went down. Meanwhile Verdasco kept his cool and hung on to win.

Elena the (almost) Great won her second title of the year in Paris which means she’s having a great year - of course she’d trade it all for another Major run. No idea what Safarova was doing in the final but she used to be a decent player. Complete headcase of course. Meanwhile Dementieva didn’t have to beat anyone ranked higher than 36 all week.

Vera ZvonarevaZvonareva won the title in Pattaya for best top ten player playing a Mickey Mouse tournament and Soderling and Ferrero won ATP awards for the most tournaments you can schedule at the same time and almost make people care about. The WTA attempts to match them this week as they put on a big tournament (Dubai), a small tournament (Memphis) and a teeny weeny tournament (Bogata) as they massively dilute their product and hope this counts as marketing. Yes, I know Memphis and Bogata have the same prize money but one has a cut-off of 137 while the other includes the 192nd ranked player in the world. There are Challengers with better fields.

Oh and one of them has Maria Sharapova who is presumably taking advantage of the WTA new appearance fee rules not to go to Dubai.

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