Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brooke Shields to give Andre Agassi a kicking

Brooke Shields will give Andre Agassi a kicking. Presumably someone with a Pulitzer Prize will help her write her side of the story and tell us more about hand licking and trophy smashing. But really it’s only important if it sheds light on drug taking and match throwing. And whether Pete Sampras really is a lousy tipper.

Some big tournament in the desert. Rumours persist that several big WTA stars won’t show because one of them (and her dad) was booed several years ago and all the WTA’s lauded efforts to fashion a roadmap to get them there failed. But the real story is the woman who could plummet out of the top 30 if she (and top coach Gunhardt) can’t make an impact in the desert and Miami. It could be bye bye Ana Ivanovic. Would we miss her?

More players who missed drug tests in 2009: Roger Federer (October 28); Rafael Nadal (June 14); Maria Sharapova (July 9); Juan Martin del Potro (Aug. 26); Venus and Serena Williams (June 16); Jelena Jankovic (Sept. 22); David Ferrer (Sept. 22); Caroline Wozniacki (Nov. 23). Gilles Simon missed two of them. Luckily none of them live in Belgium.

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