Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Makiri loses in pink

Maria KirilenkoMaria Kirilenko looked good in pink and looked good against Stosur until the final letdown. Stosur refused to let that good luck affect her and even followed up by upending Jankovic. She's almost becoming - dare we say it - consistent!

Wayne Odesnik ran afoul of Oz customs and might be taking a permanent break. Hmm, if he's on drugs shouldn't he be winning? What's the point of doping just to maintain your journeyman status? Roddick told him off though, even if he wasn't sure about the testing.

Murray headed for the showers and the Kuz wilted. The Djoker's a djoke. Serena's rehabing in the surf - why not? Rafa vs Fed winner takes all?

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