Monday, March 8, 2010

Want to sponsor the WTA?

Kristina Antoniychuk
After politely insisting that everyone refer to the WTA Tour as the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour for the last five years, the WTA has now dumped Sony Ericsson (or Sony Ericsson has declined to pay the WTA's exorbitant fees) and will now be known only as the WTA Tour. This is a triumph for anyone who has to mention or thank the WTA Tour for any reason. Sony Ericsson is now reportedly paying $9 million a year not to have the tour named after it. Presumedly the WTA is already staking out a replacement headline sponsor to name its tour after. Let's hope it's something short and pithy like Gatorade and not The United Cab Company or something.

Here a pic of rising star Kristina Antoniychuk. No doubt she'll be appearing in silly WTA videos for the new sponsor in a few years time. Hope she's not a pusher.

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