Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Belgium Fed Cup powerhouse

Sony Ericsson Open - Day 8

Belgium is the new world power in women’s tennis and the next Nobel Peace Prize will surely go to whoever convinced Justine, Kim and Yanina to all play together on the same Fed Cup team against poor Estonia. Presumably Yanina’s Dad’s invitation will be lost in the mail. Let’s assume they win they title next year if they all play every tie and let’s also assume that they won’t all play again. So next time it may well be only Wick and Flip to take the fight to Russia or someone. As usual.

Cornet managed to qualify for Barcelona which is an encouraging sign and then bomb out to Bacsinszky which isn't. Wasn't she once number 11 in the world?

Baghdatis and Gasquet took early showers in Monte Carlo, while Hewitt didn't even show up. "The flight was too long," he said - remember when this was a mandatory event? Fed's a no show too. Probably gone to watch his kids' piano lesson.

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