Sunday, April 4, 2010

Clijsters wins all

TEN Sony Ericsson Open Apr 3
Kim Clijsters trounced Venus to win Miami as none of us expected. Nice one Kim. Can we stop calling it a comeback now and start speculating when a Belgian takes the top spot again? Nothing personal Yanina but we weren't looking at you.

Andy Roddick's turn next and as he's widely expected to beat Berdych the Federer slayer, he'll probably lose too. Nahh. Roddick did beat Nadal if anyone cares. Apparently it only matters if Tiger Woods turns up to watch. His wife and son don't count.

Simona Halep won in Marbella qualifying as did Pivovarova, Molik, Rus and Sfar. Anyone guessing Clijsters won't show?

The WTA in its infinite wisdom now has a page to collate all the tweets and other nonesense from some of its top players. Of course they called it . It could be worse I guess. Maybe.

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