Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Woz lost

Caroline Wozniacki
The indefatigable Caroline Wozniacki lost yesterday again. Suspicions that she's injured and only playing to avoid the mandatory points penalty are legion. Can someone please tell her to rest before the French?

Also losing in a general choke fest were Elena the (almost) Great, Aga Rad, the formerly awesome Flavia Pennetta and Zakapalova the mighty giant-slayer. Some guys might have lost too.

The upcoming Major looks as open as ever on the women's side - the men's is less difficult to predict: even if Rafa fails to win there's only one other contender - but anyone could win the women's. nb. by anyone we don't include you Ana.

Last year's champ the Kuz is woeful, previous champs Henin, Serena and Ivanovic lack form and half the field is injured. Is it time for an unknown like MJMS or a streaky run by Jankovic? Presumably ball-bashers like Azarenka or Pavs can't do it for seven matches in a row. Can a head-case like Stosur or Bepa put it together and go the distance?

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