Monday, June 28, 2010

Nadal struggling

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Nadal struggled again playing five sets when surely he knows three will do. He also got upset when warned for coaching and took injury breaks. But surely he won't lose to Mathieu?

Fed gets Melzer, Murray gets Querrey and Roddick gets Lu. The only real matchup is Hewitt vs Djokovic. C'mon! Is anyone still interested in Tsonga, Berdych or Soderling?

Federer’s Quarter
Matches to watch: Federer vs Melzer, Berdych vs Brands
Winner: Federer

Djokovic’s Quarter
Matches to watch: Hewitt vs Djokovic, Lu vs Roddick
Winner: Hewitt

Murray’s Quarter
Matches to watch: Querrey vs Murray, Tsonga vs Benneteau
Winner: Murray

Nadal’s Quarter
Matches to watch: Nadal vs Mathieu, Ferrer vs Soderling
Winner: Nadal

June 26, 2010 - United Kingdom - Tennis - Wimbledon - All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Wimbledon, England - 26/6/10..Russia's Maria Sharapova celebrates during her third round match.
Sharapova will play Serena which would have been a nice match a few years ago but now will be a real upset if Moody Maria plays any further part in the tournament. Clijsters vs Henin is the real Belgian group of death matchup and the eternal question remains: Is Kim too nice to win the big matches? Probably.

Bepa vs Lady Ja Ja should be good but probably won't be. The Woz to dismantle Kvitova. Zakopalova to continue her run to the title and Radwanska should be around for a while longer at Li Na's expense. Also Bartoli plays Pironkova apparently.

Jankovic’s Quarter
Matches to watch: Clijsters vs Henin, Zvonareva vs Jankovic
Winner: Wickmayer

Venus Williams’ Quarter
Matches to watch: Venus vs Groth, Pironkova vs Bartoli
Winner: Venus

Serena Williams’ Quarter
Matches to watch: Serena vs Sharapova, Li vs Radwanska
Winner: Serena

Wozniacki’s Quarter
Matches to watch: Wozniacki vs Kvitova, Zakopalova vs Kanepi
Winner: Wozniacki

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