Sunday, July 4, 2010

Serena as usual

Serena WilliamsSo Serena Williams wiped the floor with Bepa - at least she was gracious about it afterwards. And Vera can hold her head up partially high. She didn't smash any racquets or tear up until it was all over. And we can finally stop talking about how Wimbledon is Venus' tournament. It's not, it's Serena's. She can have any of them she wants.

Seriously Zvonareva did play well. It's just that it didn't matter. Don't you hate that?

Fernando Verdasco and Feliciano Lopez hit the beachFernando Verdasco and Feliciano Lopez hit the beach to console themselves for being typical Spaniards and unable to play on grass - unlike that Rafa who shows everyone up. I'm sure there'll be a TV set somewhere there in case they want to tune in for the final.

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