Friday, October 8, 2010

Caroline Wozniacki is the World Number One

BEIJING - OCTOBER 05: Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark poses for photographers before the player party for the 2010 China Open at the Shangri-La Hotel on October 5, 2010 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Caroline Wozniacki is the World Number One and it's all Serena's fault. Wozniacki has ascended to the WTA Penthouse suite due to Serena Williams' inactivity (although she has a very good excuse since she cut her foot after Wimbledon).

Wozniacki will be flamed for her achievement since she has not yet won a Major tournament. However unlike other recent slamless wonders Safina and Jankovic, at least Wozniacki may have the constitution to stand it and not crumple into cringing apology whenever it's mentioned. The Woz is stilll only twenty years old too.

The marketing chaps at the WTA will be falling over themselves in excitement at actually having a No. 1 player to promote who actually plays tennis regularly and is personably, attractive and willing to promote tennis. The downside is that she's not American, speaks in a slightly silly voice and flirts too much with Fernando Verdasco (and John Isner?). But perhaps these are also good things.

Caroline WozniackiThe other player often thought of as a Slamless wonder (no not Murray) is Ivanovic whose flameout as number one was both complete and instructive. But Ivanovic did actually win a Major (no, really she did - look it up!) first. Now she finally emerges from this malaise (no, not the Belgian tennis player) and is starting to string together some wins, even beating Dementieva yesterday. Welcome back Ana. Oh and she's dumped her golfer boyfriend. Coincidence?

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