Friday, December 3, 2010

Federer king of the world again

Roger Federer
Roger Federer demonstrated that it matters not how many Majors you win in a year as long as you beat your nemesis in the final tournament. We'll give him a pass then. Still it was nice of Nadal to show up and win a few matches at least. So Fed's the man until we do it all again in January.

Murray was the big disappointment of course and will continue to be right up until he wins something and then we will all dance about in congratulations, tweeting that we knew all along. Some of us may even learn to whistle.

Next up is France versus Serbia which every analyst and their dog is saying will be an easy win for Serbia. Of course this depends which Janko Tipsarevic turns up. In other words France could do something here.

Video: Caroline Wozniacki wins!

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random cloud said...

nadal definitely struggled with the surface in london. the indoor court took away a fair bit of the time he had on the ball. still think nadal is the man to beet in 2011


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